Playing it safe when it comes to credit card security.


With patrons becoming increasingly reluctant to leave cards for payment security with the rise in credit card fraud, CardsSafe Australia is offering establishments in the hospitality industry a system that provides their patrons with guaranteed security.

CardsSafe Australia offers an innovative new standalone unit that locks 10 credit cards securely in separate compartments, and customers retain the key until they return to settle their account.

There is no one else in the market offering this type of product – most establishments use their tills, a jar behind the bar or a filing box, but these processes can’t guarantee the protection and security of customers’ credit cards.

CardsSafe is the only system that prevents walk-outs and charge-backs and gives patrons the feeling of security from knowing that their credit card is secure at the bar while they enjoy their food or drinks.

The system also meant that patrons were inclined to spend more money.

Whether it’s opting for a bottle of wine over two glasses or the prized steak instead of the rump, patrons have a tendency to spend more money when using their credit cards.

If your establishment is a nightclub, restaurant, wine bar, pub or sporting club, irrespective of your clientele base being corporate or leisure the CardsSafe system offers both clients and customers the necessary credit card security.

The CardsSafe unit holds up to 10 credit cards at any one time. The service includes your business name and telephone number personalised on the unique keys.

Establishments can enjoy a system that offers their customers the peace of mind of knowing that their credit cards are secure behind the bar while they enjoy the food, drinks or leisure.

By using CardsSafe Australia’s system establishments are compliant with the requirements for security management of card data set out by the Payment Card Industry (PCI).

Australian Payment Network - Fraud Statistics Jul 17 - Jun 18

We collect payments fraud statistics from Australia’s financial institutions and major card schemes twice-yearly.

Tacking card fraud is a key priority for industry. We publish the aggregated data to help increase awareness about fraud trends, prevention and security, and to assist financial institutions in:

  • monitoring fraud trends

  • developing targeted mitigation strategies

In the 12 months to 30 June 2018, transactions made on Australian cards totalled more than $767 billion – up 5.1%. Card fraud grew at a slightly slower rate, increasing by 4.8% to $565 million:

  • counterfeit and skimming fraud dropped 45.7% to $23 million

  • card-not-present fraud increased 7.8% to $478 million, now accounting for 85% of all fraud on Australian cards

As chip technology continues to provide strong protection against counterfeit card, fraud is migrating to online channels.