The CardsSafe system features 10 drawers containing secure cartridges that can hold one credit card each. The unit is a neat and tidy design suited to any establishment and can be placed on or behind a counter in view of patrons.


A CardSafe unit stands at 25cm tall, 7.5cm wide and 14cm deep and is made of high quality, toughened moulded plastic. The unit is supplied complete with screws, spacers and a user manual to ensure installation.


How does the system work?



1.  Customer is asked for their credit card and/or drivers license.


2.  Staff member removes cartridge from unit and places cards inside.


3.  Staff member locks the cartridge and gives the unique key to the customer.


4.  The locked cartridge is placed back into the units drawer.


5.  The cards are kept secure until the customer comes back with the key to settle the account.