Maroochy Surf Club, Maroochydore, Queensland


The Maroochy Surf Club is the oldest surf club in Southern Queensland, offering Family style Bistro, Bar and Gaming entertainment with a large Function Room for the purposes of raising funds to continue serving the community with Life Saving Services on Maroochydore Beach. This has been done successfully with no deaths recorded in the surf on our beach since our inception in 1916.


Maroochy Surf Club Manager Keith Jackson said: “The reasons behind utilising the CardsSafe product was to offer our customers the confidence of knowing that their credit card was in a protected, unobtainable place.”


“They know that they are the only person/s who could source, with the knowledge of the venue, that loss of funds. It eliminates the possibility of misplaced cards or unpaid bills and it would not be possible without the CardsSafe device.


“We have one CardsSafe unit with 10 cartridges that we utilise for both our bistro and restaurant departments. These are linked through our computer system making payment systems so much safer and efficient.


“Customers and staff have a high regard for the CardsSafe product as it leads to a confident understanding approach between the two entities making transactions and communications so much easier and comfortable.


“In turn, this seems to lead to a higher spend by the customer as they are comfortable that they are being looked after with this professional device and we in turn have a higher spend per head.


“CardsSafe is a brilliant device and the confidence that it brings to our customers and staff is definitely a bonus and irreplaceable.”


April, 2012